Work Integration

We provide individuals who need our support with competent and effective guidance to improve theirs opportunities for self-sufficiency through work or study.

About Us

We started Work Integration 2017 with the goal of outsourcing job seekers as quickly and efficiently as possible to a properly matched job or studies.

We come from the business world and have worked with leadership and coaching for a very long time and we are very good at what we do! We work for 3 winners - us, the participant and the employer and in this way we get sustainable matches.

  • Trust- By being responsive and showing empathy
  • Integrity- Highlight the dignity of the individual
  • Respect- For the individual and society
  • Empowerment- Be invested in people and highlight the individual

Since the start, we have deployed around 100 participants from the Swedish Public Employment Service, municipalities and private clients to long-term employment. We live by the motto, the one who stops getting better - stops being good.

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Our Services

We are constantly working to increase awareness and insight into integration and the demands of the labor market. Our goal is for as many jobseekers as possible to get a correctly matched job or start studies.

Employment Agency

Stöd & Matchning (SToM)                                                                             


Support measures via municipalities                                                                             


Are you employed and laid off? Then you can get guidance from a job coach from us

Skills supply

Do you need help finding new talent and strengthening your organization?

Free Jobs

Look for vacancies or submit a spontaneous application via our Career page.


Has your competence development stagnated? We focus on opportunities and solutions so you end up on the right path!!

Free consultation

Do you want to know how we can help you, contact us at, for a free consultation!

Our efforts

To meet each individual where they are.


Good knowledge of each person's skills and work experience.

Our truth

Create an alliance and collaboration between participants and staff.

Our network

Collaboration with external actors: good contacts with the business community, authorities and support for other initiatives for participants to find their way in or back to working life and self-sufficiency.

Our Team


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Britt-Marie Lindberg

Guidance counselor


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